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Air Purification Services For Your Home

air purification

The quality of your indoor air is important for the quality of your life. If you are breathing bad air all the time, you will begin to experience health problems: allergy flare-ups, respiratory problems, headaches, etc. If the quality of your air is affecting the quality of your life, then call up the Atlanta air conditioning experts at Southern Home Performance today for our air purification services! We’ll get your indoor air cleaned up, and we’ll KEEP it cleaned up!

air purification system installation

Air Purification System Installation

An air purification system is basically an air purifier on steroids. While an air purifier will clean up the air in one room, an air purification system will clean up the air in your ENTIRE home! If you need clean air in more than just one little space, then call up the experts at Southern Home Performance today for an air purification system installation! Read More

dehumidification system

Dehumidification Systems

A little moisture in your house is fine. Indeed, it’s necessary, as a completely dry house can be unhealthy and unstable after so long. But like anything, too much moisture is too much, and that issue can cause its own kinds of health and structural issues. If your home contains too much moisture, just get a dehumidification system installed by the professionals at Southern Home Performance! That kind of system will remove the excess moisture and regulate a healthy moisture level within your entire home. Read More

furnace humidifiers

Furnace Humidifiers

A furnace actually functions well with the presence of SOME moisture near it. Indeed, working in a slightly humid area, a furnace can produce the same heat with the thermostat turned down two to four clicks. Thus, a somewhat moist area near your furnace can save you money on energy costs! Read More

germicidal/uv lights

Germicidal/UV Lights

If you want the benefits of a germ-free environment without the drawbacks of having to deal with harsh chemicals, then a germicidal light is perfect for you! They work by deactivating harmful germs’ DNA so that you don’t have to deal with contaminants without any harsh sprays. We here at Southern Home Performance have the skills and know-how to outfit your home or business with top-of-the-line germicidal lights, so don’t spend another day surrounded by bacteria. Give us a call today! Read More

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