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Air Handlers For Your Marietta Home

Marietta air handlers

An air handler is the part of your indoor air unit that moves air throughout your home. It works with your heat pump to circulate air throughout your home’s ductwork system. People seem to mistake air handlers and furnaces because of their similar design, storage, and functionality. However, you should know that an air handler does NOT have the ability to produce heat. Rather it works with a heat pump to provide warm or cool air, which it moves throughout your home.

Thus, an air handler is basically just the part of your heating and air conditioning unit that transports the hot and cold air that that unit provides. Without an air handler, you wouldn’t enjoy the comfort that your heating and AC unit creates. But transportation is not the only benefit that an air handler provides. No, indeed! If you’re curious as to what makes air handlers such an integral part of your HVAC system, then just read on!

Makes Your Heating Or AC System More Efficient

Air handlers - as their name implies - handle air. They are the middleman between your heating or air conditioning unit and you. Their job is to be sure that the conditioned air that those units produce reaches you in the fastest way possible. So that is another one of an air handler’s jobs: efficiency. Without an air handler, conditioned air could reach you, but it would do so more slowly and it might have lost much of its conditioned properties by that point!

Creates Better Air Quality

An air handler is more than a transporter for your conditioned air. Its efficiency of design ensures that the air that reaches you is the best air quality possible! As stated previously, an air handler ensures that the air that reaches you is cold when you need it to be cold and warm when you need it to be warm. Thus, an air handler proves to be not only efficient but also helpful for making sure you enjoy the best air that you are paying for!

If you have any questions about air handlers or need yours repaired or replaced, then just give our Marietta air conditioning professionals a call at Southern Home Performance today! We have the experience and know-how to handle all of your air handler needs!

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