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Marietta crawl space and attic encapsulation

Does your crawl space or attic feel damp and nasty? Like a little hothouse above and below your home? You might think that the feel of two areas that you might go into once a year doesn’t matter. After all, you won’t be entertaining guests in your crawl space. What does it matter to you?

A lot, actually. A damp crawl space or attic is a breeding ground for mold. And should mold invade your home, you could be facing worse problems than a damp crawl space or attic. Mold can lead to headaches, allergy flare-ups, respiratory problems, and even more serious health problems -- problems which can lead to expensive hospital visits down the road. So how do you avoid these problems?

With crawl space and attic encapsulation services from our Marietta air conditioning experts! Much cheaper than hospital bills and guaranteed to prevent the growth of mold in the encapsulated areas, an encapsulation service creates a crawl space and attic in which mold and other harmful substances would be hard-pressed to grow.

How Does An Encapsulation Work?

For your attic, our technicians at Southern Home Performance spray a foam sealant into all the cracks in the walls and ceilings. This process ensures that the outside elements (temperature and moisture) can’t get into your basement. For your crawl space, the encapsulation process involves applying a plastic coating to all the walls and floor. This process likewise helps to prevent the elements from having their way underneath your home, meaning no chance of mold moving in under your nose. The processes are different, but the end results are the same: a sanitized, mold-free environment. No more sneezing and wheezing because of damp, dirty areas in your home.

What Are The Benefits?

As mentioned above, the primary benefit is related to mold: An encapsulation will prevent it from growing in your crawl space and attic. Another benefit is that your home will be more comfortable. If you notice that your floors always seem to be drafty no matter how much you crank the heat, then you might benefit from a crawl space encapsulation. And if the upper areas of your home are always a little drafty, you might need an attic encapsulation. Either way, an encapsulation will only help you when it comes to making your home more sanitary and more comfortable!

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