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Professional Dehumidification System Services

Marietta dehumidification system

While you do need SOME level of moisture throughout your house, too much of it can be a death knell to any home. Excessive moisture within your home can foster mold development, and it can even weaken your home’s structure as it rots away at wooden supports. That’s not to mention the general GROSS feeling you’ll experience in a house whose moisture levels are excessive. If the prospect of a dangerous home environment isn’t enough to convince you to do something about the moisture in your home, then maybe feeling like you’re living in a swamp is.

But once you reach the decision to remove the moisture from your home, what can you do about it? You can’t just gather mugginess in a bucket and dump it outside.

No, indeed, you can’t. What you CAN do, though, is get a dehumidification system from our Marietta air conditioning professionals at Southern Home Performance!

What Does It Do?

A dehumidifier does what it sounds like it does: It removes the humidity from your home. A dehumidification SYSTEM does the same thing, but on a larger scale. While a dehumidifier works in an individual room or small area, a dehumidification system functions to remove the humidity from your ENTIRE home. So if you notice the signs of too much moisture in your home -- mold, mildewy, smells, structural damage, a feeling of unwellness, condensation -- a dehumidifier will be just the thing for you. What does it do? It makes your house a home again and not a sickening swamp.

Benefits Of A Dehumidifier

As mentioned above, the benefits are multitudinous: better health, safer home, safer you. A dehumidifier will also help minimize condensation. This benefit cannot be understated, because condensation is one of the quietest but WORSE problems that can affect your home. Condensation can cause your wallpaper to peel and your walls to develop damp spots. It can even cause your wood to shrink, a problem which can create structural issues. If you notice condensation in your home -- and it becomes apparent on your windows and metal pipes -- then you need to get a dehumidifier installed before those tiny, quiet droplets lead to expensive problems.

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If you are in need of a dehumidification system in Marietta, then please call Southern Home Performance (770) 335-6871 or complete our online request form.