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Duct Sealing Professionals In Marietta

duct sealing Marietta

If your heating and AC unit is the heart of your home’s comfort, then the air ducts are the veins. And like with a circulatory system, if the veins become open, the precious material being transported through them will be lost, resulting in problems. For your home, this precious material is warm and cool air, and the problem: Your home might feel muggy or drafty since you won’t be able to get the air you need, or at least not as much as you need.

So, the problem is discomfort. But there’s another problem, too. Your heating and cooling unit is a trooper. It lives to keep you comfortable, and if the work it puts in for an intact air duct system isn’t sufficient for doing that job, then it’ll kick into high gear to pump more much-needed warm or cold air throughout your broken air duct system. Sounds lovely, right? Your central unit really loves you, right? Well, yes, sure. But there is ONE problem to this unconditional love that it shows you…

Higher Energy Bills

Your central unit can chug and chug along like the Little Engine That Could, but unlike that determined little train, your central unit is attached to a bank account: YOUR bank account. And the harder it works, the more you pay. Indeed, one of the more practical arguments for a duct sealing is the money that a broken ductwork system can cost you. And since that money is being spent on extra warm or cold air, that money is being spent without your getting to enjoy what it’s buying!

What Causes Broken Ductwork?

Many factors contribute to broken ductwork, but two of the most common ones are age and critters. Age will wear anything down. Even the sun has a lifespan, so clearly nothing in this universe is particularly permanent, and your ductwork is no exception. As for critters: Your ductwork transports cool air when it’s hot out and warm air when it’s cold out. Just as you try to surround yourself with the necessary warm or cold air, so, too, do things that live and scurry about outdoors. Whether they can stand to stay in your ductwork is one thing. What’s important here is that they might dig away at your air ducts in an attempt to get to a more comfortable climate, and doing that, they become a cause for your higher energy bills.

Don’t let varmints claw away at your bank account. Just call up our Marietta air conditioning experts at Southern Home Performance instead, and be enjoying all the comfort you pay for with none of the unnecessary money loss!

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