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home performance

Home performance refers to how economically your home uses its energy. It can use energy inefficiently in a variety of ways, such as poor insulation and broken ducts. These problems cause your heating and air conditioning units to work twice as hard for the same result.

If you think your home performance is lacking, then just call up the Marietta air conditioning experts at Southern Home Performance today! We’ll get your home running as efficiently as you could hope for it to, and we’ll do so with our variety of home-performance services:

energy audits and home assessments

Energy Audits & Home Assessments

An energy audit involves one of our professionals’ going into your home and checking the areas where energy and efficiency loss could occur. After ascertaining what the cause of your higher energy bills is, we’ll discuss with you what needs to be done to make your home run more efficiently.

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duct sealing

Duct Sealing

One way in which your home could lose energy is through broken air ducts. If your air ducts have sustained any damages, your conditioned air could be getting lost, causing your heating and AC unit to work twice as hard - an issue which could hike up your energy bills if left unaddressed! If your ducts have sustained damages, fret not! The experts at Southern Home Performance will get them sealed and working like new again!

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insulation services

Insulation Services

If the insulation in your home - particularly in your attic - has become worn, it could fail to keep in the warm or cool air your central unit produces. If this happens, your central unit will have to work even harder to produce the same result, thus causing higher energy bills. If your insulation needs to be replaced, just call the insulation experts at Southern Home Performance today!

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crawl space and attic encapsulation

Crawl Space & Attic Encapsulation

Another way that energy can be lost is through your attic and crawl space. These areas are quite open, making it easy for air to be lost through them. On top of that, mold can develop in these areas if they remain open since moisture can creep in and cause the mold development. To avoid these problems, just have these areas encapsulated! An encapsulation process will fill in the open areas in your attic and crawl space, keeping your conditioned air in and the elements out!

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