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Services Of Our Trusted Marietta Air Conditioning Experts

heating and air conditioning

Heating & Air Conditioning

A well working heating and air conditioning system is mandatory for a comfortable home environment in Georgia. Whether you are interested in preventative maintenance plans or you need to have heating or air conditioning systems installed, you can rely on Southern Home Performance. We also offer services for zoning systems, air handlers and programmable thermostats.

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hvac products

HVAC Products

Your HVAC system is only as good as the company that manufactures its components, and here at Southern Home Performance, we carry three of the top brands in the business: Carrier, Lennox, and Ultra Aire. Each brand has its own shimmering past and its own excellent line of products to match. If you are interested in any of these companies’ products to be installed in your home, then just give us a call at Southern Home Performance today! Read More

home performance

Home Performance

Making your home more energy efficient can save you money and extend the lifetime of heating and air conditioning systems in your home. Give our experts at Southern Home Performance a call today and we'll be able to get your home running efficiently with a number of home performance services such as energy audits, duct sealing, insulation services as well as crawl space and attic encapsulations.

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air purification

Air Purification

The indoor air quality of your home is important not only for your comfort, but can also affect your health. Bad air can cause allergies, respiratory problems and similar negative effects. Our Marietta air conditioning professionals can improve the air quality of your home with air purification, dehumidification and furnace humidifier systems. Another option is Germicidal/UV-light services which decreases the amount of harmful germs in the air of your home. Call our experts today!

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water heaters

Polaris Water Heaters

Polaris is a top quality provider of water heaters and will get you efficient and environmentally friendly systems. Give our experts a call today if you are unsure whether a Polaris water heater is right for you. Southern Home Performance can install and maintain your unit, so don't settle with sub-par water heating systems or services!

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