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Reliable Marietta Insulation Services

Marietta insulation services

Insulation is a quiet hero for your energy bills. Without making a single sound or moving in any way at all, insulation allows your home to retain the warm and cold air that other, noisier, moving pieces produce. This function helps to lower your energy bills by allowing your heating and air-conditioning unit to work less to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Indeed, in the fight to keep your home comfortable and your bank account intact, insulation is one of your most underrated teammates.

…Unless it wears down. Then it becomes one of your biggest enemies in the fight against high energy bills. Worn-out insulation really doesn’t do much of ANYTHING, meaning your heating and AC unit will have to run even more to keep your home at the same temperature that it would with good insulation. Once this begins to happen, it’s about time to schedule an insulation replacement with an expert such as Southern Home Performance!

Signs Of Worn-out Insulation

The first and worst sign of worn-out insulation will be higher energy bills. As mentioned above, without properly working insulation, your home’s central heating and cooling system will have to remain active to reach your pre-set temperature since there won’t be anything to help retain the warm or cool air that it produces. Another sign is a drafty upstairs area in the winter or hot one in the summer. This happens because the insulation in your attic acts as a hat to your home. If your hat becomes worn in the winter, then your head will be the first thing to feel the cold. Another sign is that the insulation in your attic will LOOK worn. If you notice any of these signs, then it’s time to schedule an insulation replacement.

How Can We Help?

If the aforementioned signs aren’t enough to convince you that your insulation needs to be replaced, then we can come out and inspect your insulation. Our team of Marietta air conditioning experts have the sharp eyes and know-how to determine for sure whether your insulation is in need of repair. And if it is, we can replace it with brand new insulation that is guaranteed to do its job to keep your home comfortable and your energy bills low for many years to come!

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