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Programmable Thermostats In Marietta

programmable thermostats Marietta

A programmable thermostat is a great option from our Marietta air conditioning company if you are familiar with the temperature fluctuations in your home throughout the day. While a programmable thermostat requires a little more attention and hands-on work than a room thermostat does, that extra work can pay off in spades! And how is that, you might wonder?

Temperature Custom-Made For You

A room thermostat is good for warming or cooling a room based on its broad setting. So if you want to maintain 75 degrees in your house, your room thermostat will switch on the heat or air (whichever is necessary) when the temperature falls outside of that setting. Thus, a room thermostat is good when you don’t want to think about your room’s temperature very much. Just set it and forget it.

A programmable thermostat, on the other hand, does require a little  more attention - at least at the start. This attention involves figuring out what temperature is most comfortable for you on any given time of day. Maybe 75 is a little hot for you during the day but anything less is just plain FREEZING once the sun goes down. If that’s the case, then just set your programmable thermostat to the ideal setting for EVERY time of day, and it’ll warm your home to that temperature when the time comes! No more fiddling with a room thermostat every day anymore. Just let the experts at Southern Home Performance install a programmable thermostat for you and set the temperatures for it once - THEN you can set it and forget it!

A Good Money-Saving Option

Programmable thermostats are noted for their energy-saving design. Indeed, a programmable thermostat can save you, on average, $150 a year. Part of this energy-saving comes from its programmable design. If nobody will be present in your home for eight or more hours a day because of work or school, then there’s no reason to maintain it at the most comfortable temperature for you in that time. Instead, you can simply program the thermostat to bump the AC up or down (depending on what you need) during the interim. Without your AC unit running at optimal temperature constantly, you will begin to see some noticeable improvements on your energy bill!

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